Ideas for styling: on what to wear flat shoes, and on what high heels

Finally! They wear flat shoes
February 22, 2017
Flat shoes can be quite powerful choices at every opportunity
July 15, 2017
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Ideas for styling: on what to wear flat shoes, and on what high heels

Sometimes you happen to get involved in some important event, wear the best cloths, and you do not know which shoes to leave?

Dressed in front of the mirror, ready to move, but the problem is that you are still barefoot.

Although your shoes and flat shoes are equally expensive, and you feel good and nice in them, there is a chance that in certain combinations your styling does not turn out to be the most comfortable.

Below we bring a few tips that the type of shoes would be best placed on your feet with a particular garment.

Jeans and on sticks and on flat shoes
Good old jeans will never get out of fashion.

They are practical, modern, and at the same time classical.

You can wear them on high heel shoes if it’s a festive exit, and for casual day combinations you can combine them with flat shoes.

Little black dress and stitches
When more than 90 years ago, Coco Chanel made a small black dress, it was known that the history was written.

Today, for almost a century later, there has been a somewhat shattered phrase that every woman in the closet must have one such dress.

With a small black dress, a complementary addition to the wardrobe of each woman is also the elegant shoes on the high heels that you will combine along with it;)

Given that the summer is approaching, you will not go wrong with the elegant, open sandals.

Trapezice on platforms or sticks
Trapezoidas have definitely hit trousers for several seasons.

The great thing about them is, in addition to bringing you back to the ingenious period of the 70s of the last century, it’s going to fit almost every figure, and even stretch your legs, so if you combine them well, you could look, besides the retro tweet, attractive.

Trapezice in any case best fits with high heel shoes.

Or if you are brave – on the platforms.

Kombinezon fits perfectly with the styli
This favorite piece of clothing was embraced by the long-standing trendy trendy.

With a suit you will definitely not make a mistake by stealing it with tights, and not even with straight shoe. If you opt for stitches, choose models with a full heel or stylus with your open fingers.

Skirts are liked with hats and flat shoes
Skirts never got out of fashion. They look fantastic with almost all combinations. Skirts of medium length and stitches give a damn tweet.

However, if you want to achieve a cool look, be brave and bold and combine with elegant, flat-footed shoes.

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