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February 11, 2017
Ideas for styling: on what to wear flat shoes, and on what high heels
April 2, 2017
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Finally! They wear flat shoes

Tramping on platforms is past, flat shoes are absolute hit, but not any, but like this: spicy, like men’s, with a belt around the article or in the form of letters T …

I think that everyone is clear about what the trend is when Victoria Beckham herself, an icon of high-heeled heels, is painted to walk in New York’s streets in flat, elegant “manolo blanik” shoes.

Straight shoes, I’m glad I can publish it, they’re back in fashion!

We are comfortable in them as when we wear jeans and a white shirt while everyone around us wears a glittering cocktail dress and enchant us with comfort. We walk more graciously in them, and we can also promote a decent route when we perform more obligations or when we hurry to work or a coffee with a friend. And if we are in a hurry, we can run them. In flat shoes, we feel more relaxed. And if we do not feel good, we can not look like that.

When I watched the “Fashn Channel”, I saw “my mia” spiked bright-red flat shoes, I wished for something similar to one of our next fashion editorials. I would pair them with a skirt with a strap to thigh, as a reflection of superior elegance. And I was also interested in other flat shoes with T-shaped belts, or those sweet like Aladdin’s slippers, or those ala men’s shoes with tulle bumps, or ballet with belts around the article, or, or, or …

Strapless shoes that are now in fashion should not be additionally decorated. One, for example, these yellow ones in the image of our designer Lidija Jovanovic, have a strong effect in themselves. With them, as well as with everyone else in the picture, a relaxed dressing room, which will be in the trend of this season, is nicely going. But even to neglect the trend, the fingers on our feet will be grateful.

Namely, in the last eight years, the girls did not think much about comfort and fanatically spent the same amount of money that they have on platform shoes and too many cognacs.

Do not they feel crazy as they tread in them? I admit, then I work for myself, as if I try too hard to walk in them normally, so too high heels, with a sigh of relief, I regularly tramp for more comfortable shoes.

I think it’s naïve for every woman who believes she is able to walk in such high-heeled stitches. How many times have I lost my balance in beautiful shoes that are not meant for walking on uneven pavements … Holes on the road plus sticks, so it’s a deadly combination!

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