Do you like flat shoes? Here’s how to look thinner in them

Flat shoes can be quite powerful choices at every opportunity
July 15, 2017
Fashion trick: how to wear flat shoes if you are low growth
December 15, 2017
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Do you like flat shoes? Here’s how to look thinner in them

Shoes on the heels will always lengthen us, so we feel better, but we are also more comfortable keeping it. But there are days when we simply want to wear something comfortable and still look paced, so it’s good to know a few tricks how to do it and with flat shoes

Straight shoes or favorite sneakers are ideal for the nice days that are waiting for us. With good styling in flat shoes, every lady can look evenly and use sunny days for a light stroll and absorb positive energy.

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are ideal for a business look, and for a slim look it is desirable that the edge of the skirt be slightly above the knee. You do not need to work and do not exaggerate for work, but if you point your feet a bit, it will contribute to a slim look. Also, in the case of dress, choose the so-called fit & flare cut – in the upper part, narrower, and downward, finer.

The length of the trousers is important

Fortunately, now trendy trousers of trousers that reveal ankles or are even shorter than that, up to half of the leaves. And this is another trick with which you will look slender if you choose flat shoes.

The longer upper part extends the figure

Whether you choose a long balloon with jeans and flat shoes, or a fine cardigan that remains fragmented, you instantly create a slim line, these are the ideal spring combinations, at the same time chic and comfortable.

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